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Armored Dairugger XV

Titolo Italiano Goggle Five
puntate 52
anno 1982



In the United States, it was heavily edited to become part of the Voltron series.

The Dairugger footage was the primary source for the "Vehicle Voltron" episodes, though various footage was inserted into "Lion Voltron" episodes as well.

The Rugger Team is an exploration, planetary survey, and defensive force. The Earth is in a time of prosperity. The president of the Terran League launches a mission to explore the galaxy and build a complete map of the stars. Soon after commencing the mission, the Rugger Team and their starship, the Rugger Guard, are attacked by the Galveston Empire. Dairugger, the super robot, must defend the Rugger Guard and its fleet as they attempt to continue their mission. When Galveston repeatedly refuses to accept peaceful coexistence, their mission turns to finding the Galveston homeworld, liberating its people from their despotic Emperor, and helping them find a new planet before their world collapses.


The Rugger Team is made of three smaller teams of 5 members each: Air, Sea, and Land, referred to alternately as Aki Team, Keats Team, and Walter Team after each team's leader. Aki is the overall leader of the Rugger Team. Each of the 15 parts is referred to as Rugger, and can combine into larger machines as separate teams called Kurugger (Air), Kairugger (Sea), and Rikurugger (Land), as well as together to form the super-robot Dairugger. The 15 separate Rugger units as well as the name come from the sport of rugby, since 15 players are required to form a rugby union




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